(I continue to hear accounts of scammers targeting authors. I urge anyone reading this to be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as Farley Chase or as a Chase Literary Agency employee promising interest in your book from a publisher. If we do not already represent you then there can be no offer made to you through this agency or from a publisher. You can find more information here.

If you would like to submit your material to this agency you can review the information below.)


Chase Literary Agency specializes in author career and book development in high quality fiction and nonfiction.

Founder and owner Farley Chase has worked in publishing for 25 years. He became a literary agent in 2002 and founded Chase Literary Agency in 2012. He has had magazine experience at both The New Yorker and Talk Magazine. And he's worked at The New Press and later became an editor at Talk Miramax Books. He lives in NYC with his wife and dog and is a graduate of Macalester College. He is on the Board of the Association of American Literary Agents as well as Literary Agents of Change.

"I love working with authors to develop their stories at whatever stage in their career. I take a deliberate, editorial-minded, and collaborative approach to projects across genres. I'd rather my authors start a trend than follow one. If you have a platform let's use it. If you don't have a platform let's not worry about it. I'm excited by original ideas, strong and unique points of view, detailed research, personal expertise, and passion for subjects that give readers fresh perspectives on things they think they know.

I'm keen to see submissions from writers of every background but especially BIPOC and otherwise marginalized points of view. 

In fiction I'm looking for literary or commercial projects in either contemporary, historical, or fantasy settings. I'm open to anything with a strong sense of place, voice, and, especially, character and plot. I agree with Lorrie Moore who wrote 'We don't often know what intimate life consists of until novels tell us.' If you have a high-concept, character-driven fantasy, sci-fi, or horror novel please try me.

In nonfiction I'm keen to see memoir, natural history, science, current affairs, journalism, history, humor, and biography. Original business and self-help books stemming from expertise are also of serious interest.

I'm interested in visually-driven, lllustrated and graphic books. Whether they involve photography, comics, illustrations, or art, I’m taken by creative storytelling with visual elements, four color or black and white.

I try to respond to all queries I receive. However, I do not respond to queries that are not specifically addressed to me by name. And I do not respond to queries in attachments.

I prefer straightforward query letters that get right to the point about what the project is and which show the author to be familiar with the marketplace and my list.

If you're submitting fiction please include the first few pages of the manuscript with the query. Please note that I do not represent young adult, romance, or science fiction."

Farley Chase is a member of the American Association of Literary Agents (AALA) where he also serves as a Board member. He is on the Board of Literary Agents of Change, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to breaking down barriers of entry to a career in publishng for members of BIPOC and marginalized communities.