FILTHY BEASTS, a memoir, (S&S), by Kirkland Hamill

THE INVISIBLE PATIENT: A Father, a Son, and a Quest for a Cure (Hachette Books), by Tracie White with Ronald Davis

HIDDEN SYSTEMS: A Graphic History of Wate, Waste, Wires, and the Web (Random House Graphic), by Dan Nott

THE SECOND CHANCE CLUB: On the Front Lines with the New Orleans District of Probabtion and Parole (HMH) by Jason Hardy

HOME BAKED: My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Fransisco (HMH), by Alia Volz

THE RED FLEET: A Secret History of Soviet Whaling (U of Chicago Press), by Ryan Jones

BELOW THE EDGE OF DARKNESS: Notes from an Underwater Life (Spiegel & Grau), by Edie Widder, Ph.D.

THE PERFORMANCE OF MIRACLES: Alexander Graham Bell, the Invention of the Telephone, and the Quest to Cure Deafness (S&S), by Katie Booth

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT:Insects and the Making of the Modern World (Knopf), by Edward Melillo

A MOST REMARKABLE CREATURE: In Search of the Caracaras, by Jonathan Meiburg (Knopf)

DREAMING IN BASEBALL: Jim Bouton, Ball Four, and a Life on the Outside (U of Nebraska), by Mitchell, Nathanson

NEVER NEVER DULL: Bernard DeVoto, Julia Child, and the Fight for the Soul of a Nation by Nate Schweber (HMH)

WHAT I HEARD THROUGH THE WALL, Essays, by Savala Nolan Trepczynski (37 Ink)

LOOK AT HER: Movies, My Mother, and the Decade of the Actress, by Michael Koresky (Hanover Square)

A WINDOW TO HEAVEN: The Heroic First Ascent of Denali, by Patrick Dean (Pegasus)

THE FIX: The Truth Behind Our Health Care Crisis and How We Can Cure It, by Marshall Allen (Portfolio)