A Novel
by Guy Saville

Henry Holt/February 2013

'Saville gives us an horrific reimagining of the Dark Continent.' —The Times

'[The] plot is clever, imaginative and, in its finale, wholly unexpected. In a crowded field, The Afrika Reich stands out as a rich and unusual thriller, politically sophisticated and hard to forget. ' —The Economist

'Fatherland for an action movie age' —Daily Telegraph

'A thoroughly enjoyable and compelling read' —Sun

'This graphic, pacy alternate history thriller is scarily convincing.' —Australian

'An enthralling look at the horror that might have been if Germany was not defeated' —Sydney Daily Telegraph

'With THE AFRIKA REICH, Guy Saville has delivered a highly entertaining read in the vein of Robert Harris' Fatherland and Archangel. Selling us us on a plausible and engrossing alternative history, featuring rich characters (who he's not afraid to kill off) and a fastpaced plot.' —New Zealand Star

'[an] intoxicating debut ... a glorious, exhaustingly energetic romp through an Africa which wasn't, but which might have been ... Written with style, verve and startling lyricism, THE AFRIKA REICH makes serious points as it entertains.' —Historical Novel Review

'Guy Saville's scorching debut novel [is] a terrifying account of the way things might have been ... When this dark and dystopian world is coupled with a cast of credible characters, Machiavellian plot twists, cinematic action scenes and pulsating suspense, the story becomes irresistible ... Immaculately researched and with accompanying notes to put the story into its context, THE AFRIKA REICH is an exciting first novel which blends history and fiction into an unforgettable drama.' —Lancashire Evening Post

'Don't miss this explosive blockbuster ... a blood-pulsing and convincing read.' -- Peterborough Evening Telegraph 20110129 'Gripping, well-researched and terrifyingly plausible, this is a fast-paced, ambitious book that paves the way for its sequel with a jaw-dropping twist.' —Lincolnshire Echo


The explosive new thriller of a world that so nearly existed.

Africa, 1952. More than a decade has passed since Britain’s humiliation at Dunkirk brought an end to the war and the beginning of an uneasy peace with Hitler.

The swastika flies from the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. Britain and a victorious Nazi Germany have divided the continent. The SS has crushed the native populations and forced them into labor. Gleaming autobahns bisect the jungle, jet fighters patrol the skies. For almost a decade an uneasy peace has ensued.

Now, however, the plans of Walter Hochburg, messianic racist and architect of Nazi Africa, threaten Britain’s ailing colonies. Sent to curb his ambitions is Burton Cole: a one-time assassin torn between the woman he loves and settling an old score with Hochburg. If he fails unimaginable horrors will be unleashed on the continent. No one – black or white – will be spared.

But when his mission turns to disaster, Burton must flee for his life.
It is a flight that will take him from the unholy ground of Kongo to SS slave camps to war-torn Angola – and finally a conspiracy that leads to the dark heart of The Afrika Reich itself.

About the Author
Guy Saville was born in 1973. He has lived in South America and the Middle East and is currently based in the UK. The Afrika Reich is his first novel.