The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual
by Simon Rich and Farley Katz

Little, Brown/October 2013

The Married Kama Sutra will be a four-color, illustrated humor book that applies the style of the Kama Sutra to marriage (posed as a “lost chapter,” recently discovered), written by the Thurber Prize nominated humorist Simon Rich and illustrated by The New Yorker staff cartoon- ist Farley Katz. This will be for the same audience as Go the F*** to Sleep, and Porn for Women (Chronicle, 2007) and, of course, could be seen as tapping into the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon in its own unique way. Simon Rich is the author of Ant Farm, Free-Range Chickens, Elliot Allagash, What in God ’s Name, and the upcoming The Last Girlfriend on Earth.

About the Author
Simon Rich is the author of several books and a regular contributor to The New Yorker, and has written for McSweeny’s, Saturday Night Live and Pixar. (Rich is represented by Levine/Greenberg)
About the Illustrator
Farley Katz is a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker, he writes and draws the webcomic Kids Are Dumb ( (Katz is represented by CLA).